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    Q: "Can I do it myself?"
    A: If you’re a reasonably handy home repair person, you can install your own windows, but there are many things that we have learned over the years that literally make it a safer bet to have us do the installation for you. Additionally, there are several ways the interior and/or exterior might be “finished”. These suggestions will be made by our specialist when he or she visits with you and has an opportunity to review your specific installation conditions and hear your ideas for the look you have in mind.(top)

    Q: "Can't a Home Improvement Warehouse install the windows I buy from them?"
    A: Those types of retailers generally provide you with a list of local contractors from which you can choose an independent installer. The Home Improvement Warehouse is not responsible for the actions, or inactions, of those installers. If you have any concerns or complaints, you must deal with the installer, not the retailer who sold the windows.(top)

    Q: "What kind of warranty do you offer?"
    A: You will have both the manufacturer’s material warranty and a labor warranty from us. We are licensed General Contractors with over 25 years of experience and we are proud of our reputation for quality installations and service. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty against material failures or defects, we, the contractor, warrant our installation workmanship to you for as long as we're in business.

    Q: "How long will it take to install my new windows?"
    A: That really depends on how many windows, are there any doors involved, single or multi-story dwelling, were any special modifications ordered, and so on. But a typical project can be installed in one or two days with all job-related debris AND the old windows removed from your property. (top)

    Q: "How will replacing my old windows save me money?"
    A: The fact is that older windows, be they wood, aluminum or steel, are the biggest single cause of energy loss in the home. They can, therefore, be the best opportunity to save energy; as much as 30% when replaced with properly installed new, vinyl or fiberglass dual-glazed LoE windows.

    Q: "How will replacing my old windows improve the comfort of my home?"
    A: New, dual-glazed energy-efficient windows will give you a quieter interior, improve homeowner security, and dramatically increase the thermal barrier to your home, helping to maintain the interior temperatures and comfort level for less cost and with less wear and tear to existing heating and/or air conditioning equipment. (top)

    Q: "When I decide to sell, will new windows increase the value?"
    A: They certainly will, provided you selected a quality brand and had them properly installed by a licensed contractor, and it doesn’t hurt when you can provide the subsequent homeowner with a transferable warranty, either. (top)

    Q: "What if someone gets hurt while working on a job on my property?"
    A: Each of our workers is covered under our company’s $1,000,000 Worker’s Compensation policy. You are not at risk of damages whether your homeowner’s insurance covers you or not. (top)

    Q: "Does this work require a permit?"
    That answer varies from city to city and may be contingent upon whether or not enlargements or modifications are a part of the work ordered. It is safer to assume that a permit is required unless told otherwise by your community’s Department of Building and Safety. We are licensed, bonded and insured contractors and will take all required precautions to comply with state codes and city ordinances. (top)

    Q: "What about the 'egress code' if my windows are too small?"
    A: Most homes were built to the standards of their day, but codes evolve with experience. If your existing windows do not meet today’s standards, you are not compelled to upgrade them UNLESS you make a change. Egress codes were written for the safety of your family. Why would you not want to do all that is possible to provide them with emergency egress? We cannot compromise on this standard, even if no permit is required. Do it right or don’t do it at all. (click here for more info on Egress Code compliance) (top)


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