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We ordered new windows for the energy efficiency. While we knew they would also look nicer, we had no idea how beautiful the finished product was going to be. Our house now looks like a million bucks AND we are enjoying the benefits of the original intent: quiet, no air leaking in, and our A/C is working a lot less than before. Bravo to your crews and to you. These are all you promised and more.

TK - Los Angeles

I just had to tell you this – I came home from work today and drove right past my house ! It looks so new and so great that I didn’t recognize it. The new stucco and the new windows made every difference in the world

JJ - Torrance

When we agreed to have you replace our windows we braced ourselves for what we thought would be the inevitable gaggle of workers trudging in and around our home, leaving trails of dirty footprints and fingerprints. Boy, were we surprised. What a neat crew you have. They put runners through the house and under the windows, vacuumed up the dust and debris as they worked, washed the windows when they were done; and they were so polite. Please tell them how impressed we are with their professionalism AND their workmanship.

RS - Long Beach

You know that I had to arm wrestle my parents to let me have you install new windows for them. My Dad was so adamant that there was “nothing wrong with the old ones”. I am so pleased to tell you how amazed he is at the difference. They are so happy with the looks and comfort these new windows now provide. He told my brother in Ohio that he couldn’t have imagined what a change new windows would make. I just thought you’d like to know. Thank You.

SP - Temecula

First an apology. I knew we needed new windows and went with you because I saw that you have a good product and fair pricing. But I thought some of your “claims” were just sales hype. My apology because everything you told me was true: the noise from the neighbor’s son’s drumming IS quieter now, I no longer feel a draft behind my TV chair, and the chill that used to radiate from my windows at night is gone. I’m man enough to tell you these things and man enough to Thank You for putting up with this old grouch.

HM Sr - Redondo Beach

I love my Patio Doors with the marginal prism grid patterns. Your idea to replace the 12’ one with a four-panel looks so elegant AND the panels are the same size as those on the two bedroom 6’ doors. From the backyard they all match and I love that. Thank you for all your ideas. You really are good at this.

PS - Long Beach

I have had such bad luck with contractors that I was afraid to do what I’ve been wanting to do for two years: replace my old steel casement windows. Your installation people were so nice and quick and clean and were done before I knew it. All the old windows just disappeared along with all the other clippings and wrappings, etc. that was a part of this job. My confidence has been restored, although still with some reservation – but not about you. You guys were wonderful ! Do you do kitchens?

MG - Riverside

Great job! Excellent workmanship! I am so grateful that I found you to replace my windows. I wish I could have done them all at once, but I’ll have you back when I’m ready to do the rest.

TR - Van Nuys

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I really love your idea to replace those three windows in the front with that large XOX. What a difference! The face of my house looks so modern now. Next year I want to talk to you about re-surfacing my stucco and maybe doing some stone work around the base.

CB - San Bernardino


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