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There are still some situations, dictated either by choice or architectural consideration, where traditional solid wood doors are called-for, such as the Arch Top French Door (pictured at right)

Hiring a local craftsman or wood-working shop can be an expensive, and possibly, risky option. Fortunately there remain a few high-quality manufacturers that strive to combine the capabilities of a national brand with the craftsmanship of a local millwork shop.

If your project has special requirements, we will do our best to research and recommend a solution, based on our industry knowledge and experience.



A better solution for your home may be a hybrid product that combines the beauty and traditional look of wood doors, married to low maitenance aluminum or fiberglass.

Referred to as both "wood-clad" and "clad-wood" these doors are manufactured in a variety of exterior colors (see Fiberglass Doors and Aluminum Doors) with either pre-finished wood interiors or primed wood, ready to be finished with your choice of stains, perhaps to match existing wood paneling or trim.

Either Wood-Clad Fiberglass or Clad-Wood Aluminum gives you strength and durability, and the warmth of an interior wood finish, in a custom manufactured product, backed by both the manufacturers warranty and Galaxy Exteriors lifetime warranty against installation defects.

Available Styles (French Doors avail. in-swing or out-swing)



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